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Sick of Your CPAP? You’re Not Alone!

If you’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and have tried CPAP therapy and found yourself no longer using your machine or looking for a quieter, more convenient and comfortable solution the team at Sleep+Rescue is here to help. 

Our oral devices for sleep apnea are effective in keeping your airway open at night, similar to CPAP. Instead of a mask and continuous air, the oral device is worn in your mouth while you sleep – with no hoses, no mask, and no complicated cleaning process. 

If you have stopped using your CPAP we are here to help you get treatment that will be easy to use long-term, getting you the rest you deserve!

Why Sleep+Rescue Patients Love Their Oral Device

Easy to Use

Your oral device is easy to use and does not require power, tangled hoses, or noisy machinery.

Comfortable Sleep

The devices are custom fitted and easy to wear. Patients often forget they’re even wearing it after a while.

Effective Treatment

Patients are 80% more likely to wear their oral device nightly  than a traditional CPAP treatment. 

How Does an Oral Device Work?

Oral devices for sleep apnea treat the primary cause of obstructive sleep apnea – blockages of the airway during periods of sleep. Our custom devices position your jaw forwards to help open blocked airways, reduce snoring, and help you sleep soundly through the night.

We are proud to offer numerous solutions, each with their own features and benefits for treating common anatomical causes for airway blockage. Our specialists will complete a full dental exam during your consultation and guide you with what type of device will fit you best and deliver optimal results.

Each device is custom fitted to your smile and are designed to be discrete and as comfortable as possible. Adjustments are easily made and our team will partner with you to ensure the device is both effective and easy to use.

Our mission is to get you a good night’s rest and our team won’t rest until you’re getting the sleep you deserve!

Get Better Treatment Today

Our Treatment Process

Free Sleep Apnea Assessment

If you have not been previously diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, complete our free assessment to see if you’re a candidate for treatment! Our team will call you with your results and next steps.

At-Home Sleep Testing

A comfortable at-home sleep test can confirm your diagnosis. If you have previously had a sleep test, we will confirm it is up to date!

Get Fitted for Your Custom Device

Visit our office and meet the doctor to get started on your treatment journey with a custom fitted device to treat your sleep apnea.

Get Started with an At-Home Sleep Test Today!